Over 7,000 Knowledge-Based Products Registered in Iran’s New Economic Flow System

Over 7,000 Knowledge-Based Products Registered in Iran’s New Economic Flow System

TEHRAN (ANA)- The technology department of the Iranian Ministry of Science unveiled the ‘JAN’ system (new economic flow) by introduction of 7,000 Iranian knowledge-based products for sale.
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The new economic flow (JAN) system is one of the important and key systems of the Ministry of Science, in which all technological units and knowledge-based, start-up and innovative companies register their products and by connecting to the systems of ‘Tavaniran’ and ‘Setadiran’ of the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade, prevent allocation of government currency for the import of similar products, promote the production of home-made products and support domestic technologies.

Preventing currency outflow is one of the other benefits of registering the knowledge-based products in this system. The system is also supported by the Scientific and Industrial Research Organization.

At present, 46 technology parks are members of this system and more than 7,311 products have been presented by 2,315 companies.

The Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA) announced in May that the Iranian knowledge-based companies exported over 3.6 million tons of products worth $2.506 billion in the past Persian calendar year (ended on March 19).

IRICA’s report said that 1.158 million tons of goods, valued at $5.141 billion, were imported by the knowledge-based companies into the country in the same period.

It added that nearly 85% of the goods imported by the knowledge-based companies were from China, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Turkey, Germany and India.

The Iranian knowledge-based companies exported their products to China, Iraq, the UAE, Turkey and Russia last year, the IRICA said.

In this period, the knowledge-based companies accounted for 2.6 and 5 percent of the country’s total exports in weight and value respectively.

IRICA added that advanced materials and products based on chemical technologies accounted for about 80% of the export value of these companies.

China was Iran's first buyer of knowledge-based products in this period. 



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