Iran Unveils Monitoring System for Innovation Ecosystem Infrastructure

Iran Unveils Monitoring System for Innovation Ecosystem Infrastructure

TEHRAN (ANA)- Iranian Vice-President for Science, Technology and Knowledge-Based Economy has unveiled a domestically developed monitoring system for innovation ecosystem infrastructure of the country.
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The innovation ecosystem infrastructure monitoring system was unveiled in a ceremony by Iranian Vice-President for Science, Technology and Knowledge-Based Economy Rouhollah Dehghani Firouzabadi.

Addressing the ceremony, the scientific vice president pointed out that during the past years, very good infrastructures have been created in the country, among which accelerators, growth centers, innovation centers, laboratories, co-working spaces and innovation factories can be mentioned, adding that increasing the efficiency, coordination and quality of these infrastructures is one of the programs of the scientific Vice Presidency.

“One of the actions that we emphasize in the scientific vice-presidency was the quality of these infrastructures, and the creation of a comprehensive system with the aim of identifying, sharing and evaluating these infrastructures was put on the agenda, which was launched as the Innovation Ecosystem Infrastructure Monitoring System,” Dehghani Firouzabadi added.

Referring to the creation of integration, synergy and coordination in the country's innovation and technology infrastructure with the help of the monitoring system, the Scientific Vice President added, “With the help of this system, networking and sharing of acceleration infrastructures, innovation factories, laboratories, co-creation centers and other infrastructures will be facilitated. Moreover, this system helps the efficiency of all the infrastructures we have in the entire country.”

Having detailed information about the activity of these infrastructures and the indicators that have been set to assess and measure their quality, the centers are evaluated according to the nature and work they do, and after confirming their qualifications, they receive a certificate, Dehghani Firouzabadi said, adding, “Based on this assessment, the audience (target consumer/user) will have sufficient knowledge of the level of competence and expertise of each group and will make a better decision; this will help in the organizing, supervision and macro management of these groups in the Scientific Vice Presidency and will facilitate specialized support and allocation of resources in a fairer way.”

Emphasizing the necessity of identifying the efficiency of innovative infrastructures and allocating support to the target consumer, he said, “Recognition of technological and innovative infrastructures and their competence will lay the basis for improving the quality of the activity of the infrastructures of the technology and innovation ecosystem. The activity of innovation and technology infrastructures should be economic, and the allocation of unrealistic financial support to these infrastructures, not only creates corruption and false expectations in the consumer, but the approach of the Scientific Vice Presidency is to provide real support to the final consumer. This approach will yield more tangible and desirable results. Meanwhile, it gives more momentum to the accelerator economy and evokes a more serious and real sense of support in the final audience. Meanwhile, providing support to the real beneficiary is an important issue whereby this system will play an effective and serious role.”


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