Iranian Researchers Domestically Design, Produce Statistical Software for Different Organizations

Iranian Researchers Domestically Design, Produce Statistical Software for Different Organizations

TEHRAN (ANA)- The managing director of a technology company said that the experts in his company have designed and developed an indigenous statistical software and have supplied it to all the technological parks and other organizations across the country.
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“The special product of this company is offered under the abbreviated and commercial name of ‘Sepand’, which stands for the system of innovation and knowledge-based bases,” Ali Razi, the chief executive director of a technology company based in the incubator of Islamic Azad University of Isfahan (Khorasgan) Branch said in an interview with ANA correspondent.

“Given the eight years since the launch of the innovation and technology ecosystem of the country, we realized that there is a fundamental gap in the field of designing and providing integrated systems; therefore, we tried to solve the problems of innovation and technological parks and growth centers by creating this system domestically,” he said.

“We designed this system by studying the ecosystems of Turkey, Russia, America, Spain, Australia and China and the countries in the Middle East, and studying the domestic needs in the country and delivered it to the growth centers to bring accelerators in this system,” he continued.

“Currently, in addition to support centers including technology parks, growth centers, accelerators and counselling centers, innovation factories, companies and start-ups, all the experts operating in the science and technology ecosystem, including the Iranian Scientefic Vice Presidency, the entrepreneurial ecosystem such as the labor department and governor offices as well as industrial companies are using this system,” Razi further said.

“The infrastructure of this system is capable of ticketing and monitoring people's forms. It can be seen since the start-up starts operating, and in the next updates of start-up financial issues and support, the biometric verification system, identification and artificial intelligence will be placed in the form of chat with users and centers and the start-up itself,” he further explained.

“There are other features in this system, including chatting with artificial intelligence and making inquiries,” the chief executive of the technological company said.

“Currently, startups and support centers have a complete portal that includes forms and classified data which can be monitored by administrators in terms of security. We do not have the problem of information theft, and they can designate as many users as they want,” Razi went on to explain.

This software is completely indigenous,” he said, adding, “We have asked the agencies in Istanbul and Iraq to buy this system as it can be offered to the customers in various languages.”

 “We can load the various versions of the system on international websites, even it is possible that the country of origin and destination on the system communicate with each other in their own languages,” Razi further told ANA.


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