Iranian Knowledge-Based Company Domestically Produces Fluid Level Measurement Sensors

Iranian Knowledge-Based Company Domestically Produces Fluid Level Measurement Sensors

TEHRAN (ANA)- Technologists in Iran have produced immersion sensors for measuring the level of fluids in the oil and gas industry, and after successfully testing them in refineries, the product has entered the commercialization phase.
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"These sensors are mainly used in the oil and gas and petrochemical industry. They are considered to be precise instruments," Mehdi Rahbar A'lem, the director of the research and development department of the Iranian technology company said.

He stated that the country could not import the instrument since 2014 dut to sanctions, adding, "This technology is possessed by Japan and we were able to indigenize the equivalent of these sensors in the country through reverse engineering."

"One of the methods to measure the level of a fluid is the use of the immersion method, which, unlike the buoyancy method, is very complicated, but its low sensitivity to density and lack of influence from fluid vapors has made it one of the most broadly used methods in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries," Rahbar A'lem added.

He added that a prototype of fluid level measurement sensors has been installed in one of the South Pars refineries and it has successfully passed its operational tests.

"We are in the process of commercializing this product," he added.

"These sensors are used in tanks to measure and estimate the liquid level. The information from this sensor can be accessed rapidly as it sends the data to the operator through an electrical signal," the company's director of research and development department also said. 


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