Iranian Company Develops Card Reader Software

Iranian Company Develops Card Reader Software

TEHRAN (ANA)- Specialists of an Iranian knowledge-based company have managed to facilitate financial transactions for the country’s businesses by the development of a card reader software.
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“The knowledge-based product is the card reader software, which acts as an interface between Shoparak's (electronic card payment network) switch, Bank's switch and PSD's switch,” said Mohammad Moqiseh, the managing director of the knowledge-based company.

“We have designed this product for financial settlements and management of financial data that is transferred through the switch,” he added.

“At present, our focus is on the production of card reader software. In the next steps, we plan to reduce our dependence on imports by producing the card reader body inside the country. Finally, our goal is to produce the card reader board in Iran, so that we will not need to import this part anymore,” Moqiseh said.

In a relevant development in February, another knowledge-based company in Iran had also succeeded in developing a home-made software to prevent CCTV cameras from being hacked by using artificial intelligence technology.

“Since we did not have a home-made system for monitoring images in the country, and the foreign software products available in Iran are cracked and non-original and there is no support and after-sales service on these systems, we tried to settle this problem,” Ahmad Ahmadi, the vice-president of business development department of the knowledge-based company, told ANA.

He explained that one of the systems developed by his company has been presented to the market nearly 8 years ago and is used in municipalities, universities of medical sciences, economic enterprises and various industries, hospitals, railways, power plants, petrochemical companies and refineries across the country.

“This software does not depend on a specific model of CCTV and reduces costs, because sometimes the organization has to change camera models. And since we are familiar with the bandwidth and internet factors and limitations in Iran, the software has been developed in a way that it can be adapted to the conditions,” Ahmadi said.



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