Aquaponics Farm Inaugurated in Iran to Save Water Consumption
10:00 - May 24, 2024

Aquaponics Farm Inaugurated in Iran to Save Water Consumption

TEHRAN (ANA)- An aquaponics farm sponsored and built by the Iranian Vice Presidency for Science and Technology and Knowledge-Based Economy was inaugurated in the Northern province of Mazandaran. 
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Rama Agriculture and Industry Innovation Center, which is an aquaponics farm, was inaugurated in the Northern Iranian province by the Rouhollah Dehghani Frouzabadi, Vice President for Science, Technology and Knowledge-Based Economy.

The purpose of aquaponics farm, which was built by the Iranian vice presidency, is producing plants, and aquatic animals for food security and also to save in strategic water and energy resources. 

“The development of agricultural technologies and creating market for innovative technologies in this field is on the agenda of the vice presidency. Given the creative and innovative work that this group has done in the field of agriculture, we seriously support its development,” Dehghani Firouzabadi said. 

Rama Modern Greenhouse Complex (Aquaponics Farm) started operating with the aim of creating a production center with maximum yield and minimum energy consumption in an area measured 1,500 square meters in Hosseinabad village in Behshahr County.

As the first aquaponics farm in Iran, the complex saves up to 98% in water consumption, and due to the special changes in the greenhouse building, it is expected to save more than 50% in other energy resources.

The production at the farm will include 1 million orchid seedlings, 30,000 mature shrubs, 25 tons of estrogen fish, 500 long freshwater shrimps, 4 tons of medicinal mushrooms and constant harvesting of vegetables in wide aquaponics pots.

Aquaponics is a cooperation between plants and fish. The water in the fish tank is used as the source of water and food for plants grown in plastic containers. This system consists of water pumps, water treatment equipment, water tank, fish tank, fertilizer tanks etc.


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