South African Program Enables Electric Mobility Ecosystem
12:00 - May 10, 2024
INOTEX 2024:

South African Program Enables Electric Mobility Ecosystem

TEHRAN (ANA)- Director of South Africa’s uYilo E-Mobility Program Andrew De Vries, who had participated in Iran's INOTEX expo, said that the program is trying to enable the electric mobility ecosystem through different initiatives.
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“Our program is funded by the technology and innovation agency which is linked to the government and is located at Nelson Mandela University in a province called the Eastern Cape in South Africa,” De Vries told ANA.

“It helps the entrepreneurs and innovators to develop their products within the electrical vehicle ecosystem and value chain,” he added.

“It also helps with technology demonstrations and skills development in the electric mobility ecosystem. The facility provides the opportunity for all mobility platform testing, validation and development of all systems across the electric mobility spectrum from a variety of global manufacturers and suppliers,” De Vries said.

uYilo serves as the national electric mobility program that has been active since 2013 in playing a leading role in enabling the electric mobility ecosystem.

As a multi-stakeholder program, uYilo’s activities include government lobbying (policies, regulations and standards), industry engagement (from multi-national OEMs to start-ups), pilot projects, capacity development, enterprise development and thought leadership across the ecosystem.

INOTEX 2024, the innovation and technology exhibition, opened at Tehran's Pardis Science and Technology Park on May 7 in the presence of Iranian Vice-President for Science and Technology Rouhollah Dehqani Firouzabadi.

Delivering a speech in the opening ceremony, Dehqani Firouzabadi described the INOTEX as a good event and a pivot for bringing all Iranian technological ecosystems together so that it could accelerate the rapid development of Iran's innovation. 

He said that there are 10,000 knowledge-based companies in the country that have more than 530 billion tomans in sales and have had exports 3 times more than last year. 

Knowledge-based companies have registered $2.5 billion of exports, Dehqani Firouzabadi added. 

He noted that last year 43 foreign delegations were hosted by Iran, and underlined the country's readiness to share its knowledge-based experiences and cooperate to have joint tech parks.





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