Iranian Knowledge-Based Firm Produces Subsurface Explorer Robots

Iranian Knowledge-Based Firm Produces Subsurface Explorer Robots

TEHRAN (ANA)- Researchers at a startup company in Iran have acquired the know-how to make subsurface explorer robots that makes it possible to take photos and identify sunken objects up to a depth of 100 meters beneath the sea surface.
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“We in this company are working on underwater robots with underwater imaging mission. We have targeted Remotely Operated vehicle (ROV) robots in this company. These robots are controlled by cables and the operator can control them online,” said Ali Golkar, the managing director of the Iranian startup company which operates in the maritime field.

“This robot can carry out the desired missions up to a depth of 100 meters. This means that it has the capability to carry out missions in the entire Persian Gulf,” the researcher also said.

Golkar pointed to the inspection operation as one of the capabilities of the subsurface explorer robot, which is made in a modular way, adding, “Extra operations can be added to this robot. It can operate 24 hours a day by connecting to a power source or a battery.”

According to him, the robot batteries can be replaced.

The managing director of the startup company pointed to the capability to add a replaceable battery and lighting system as a superiority of the underwater explorer robot, saying, “The size of underwater robots made [in this company] are 60 x 60 x 80 cm and its weight in water is zero to allow it to float in the water.”

Golkar referred to coding robots among other achievements they made in their company, saying, “These robots have been released in the first phase in imaging mode in light. This robot is connected to sonar systems to allow it to be used for mapping and hydrography and identifying objects sunken in the water.”

“This year, this robot will be in the trial phase. Moreover, along with the design and construction of these robots, we have put the design and construction of pressure and speed sensors on the agenda,” he concluded.


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