Iranian Researchers Produce Nanoemulsion from Pumpkin for Strengthening Immune System
17:00 - November 21, 2023

Iranian Researchers Produce Nanoemulsion from Pumpkin for Strengthening Immune System

TEHRAN (ANA)- A group of researchers at the Mashhad University of Medical Sciences produced nanomulsions from pumpkin that strengthens the body's immune system.
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Nanoemulsions are kinetically stable liquid-in-liquid dispersions with droplet sizes on the order of 100 nm. Their small size leads to useful properties such as high surface area per unit volume, robust stability, optically transparent appearance, and tunable rheology.

Dr. Mahmoud Ebrahimi, a cardiologist from Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, said, "The product that we offered is a pharmaceutical nanoemulsion product that consists of a substance called squalene of plant origin.”

“Other squalenes produced in other countries are of animal origin and from shark liver. The squalene we produce is of vegetable origin and is produced from pumpkin. This causes product diversity and is effective in preserving the environment,” he continued.

According to him, the squalene in pumpkin was extracted and used in the production of nanoemulsion.

“Squalene is in the form of fat, and it was made nano sized to be used in this product so that adhesion between its molecules does not occur.”

“This substance has very strong anti-inflammatory effects and is able to balance the body's immune system, while it eliminates the weakness of the immune system and thereby reduces the overproduction of the pathogenic agent in the body,” the researcher said.

Emphasizing that the produced nanoemulsion has a broad range of applications, the researcher noted, “During the Covid-19 era, it reduced death toll and reduced the dependence of patients on the oxygen system.”

Ebrahimi pointed to the very strong antioxidant effect among other benefits of nanoemulsion saying, “Moreover, it is effective in healing wounds in a way that prevents the addition of tissue after healing.”

The executive director of the project to produce nanoemulsion from pumpkin further stated that they have patented their product, adding, “These results were obtained in clinical trials phase.”

“This medicine can be used in two different ways of injection or inhalation,” the professor of the Mashhad-based university added.


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