Iranian Knowledge-Based Company Produced Fireproof Aluminum Facade Composites
17:00 - November 07, 2023

Iranian Knowledge-Based Company Produced Fireproof Aluminum Facade Composites

TEHRAN (ANA)- An Iranian knowledge-based company has supplied aluminum facade composites to the market to tackle the challenge of fire spread in buildings.
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The flammability of the facade of the building is a challenge during a fire, because it causes the fire to spread to other floors. For that, an Iranian knowledge-based firm has offered facade composite panels with aluminum sinusoidal layers which does not catch fire.”

Mehdi Esmailizadeh, one of the managers of the Iranian knowledge-based company told local media that “Previously, we were using composite in the middle layer of this product, but one of the problems with these facade composite panels is their flammability; therefore, we use aluminum to solve this problem.”

 “Being lightweight and fast installation compared to stone and ceramic and other data-x-items are among the other advantages of this facade composite,” he added.

 “The difference between these panels and previous ones is that the middle layer of the composite panels was made of polyethylene which is flammable. Currently we have two production lines for this product,” Esmaeilizadeh added.

“But our important product is a composite with an aluminum layer in the middle and completely flameproof,” he added.

The communications of this company pointed to the lightweight among other features of this product, explaining, “The design of this product has been done so professionaly that its weight is reduced, so, only four kg is used per square meter of facade.”

“The middle layer of these fireproof composites is aluminum, which is placed inside it in a sinusoidal form. This makes it possible for the air to flow inside it and make it flameproof.”

“This flameproof product come out in different colors,” the company’s manager said, adding, “We are the only company producing this product and it has no foreign equivalents. Its design is exclusively ours.”


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