Iran-Made Concrete Platforms Prevent Fire, Decay in Electrical Panels
17:00 - November 01, 2023

Iran-Made Concrete Platforms Prevent Fire, Decay in Electrical Panels

TEHRAN (ANA)- Iranian researchers at a technological company presented special concrete platforms to prevent bending, decay and fire of electrical panels.
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“These concrete platforms have 6 separate flat parts and they are placed next to each other by means of metal pipes. The product has a pipe door in the front part of the platform and the signboard and by opening this door, you can easily access the cables inside the platform, and there is no need to destruction of the structure to change the cable and to add panel or transformer cable,” said Mahmoud Karam Qaribi, the managing director of the company.

Noting that there is no need for a metal strap by installation of the new platform in the lower part, he said, “The top of the concrete platform has four galvanized corners which creates a gap between the lower floor of the board and the platform which prevents decay in the lower part of the board.”

“The distance created between the top of the concrete platform and the bottom of the switchboard prevents cool air from entering the switchboard during hot weather, and this causes hot air to escape from the switchboard and prevent the total switch and Xavier switch from burning inside the switchboard,” Karam Qaribi said.

In a relevant development in February, an Iranian company had also produced concrete structures by using nanotechnology that withstand seismic waves.

Erfan Zolfagharian, the manager of the project which has produced prefabricated concrete parts said that the concrete structures, which are one of the knowledge-based products of their factory constructed using nanotechnology, are highly resistant while they are lighter than normal concrete structures.

He also said that the precast concrete foundations are installed in two days to construct villas while in the condition of workshop equipping, the foundations are laid in half a day, and the main parts in the house are also installed in three days.

“Concrete segments have dimensions of 3 meters high, 6 meters wide and 1.2 meters base. The production is done in the factory and when the order is finalized, the parts are placed on the trolley using a crane and sent to the project site to construct the house,” Zolfagharian continued to explain.

He further said about their precast concrete parts, explaining, “The light weight of our factor’s blocks reduces the weight of the building overall and the effective pressure of the earthquake, and also reduces the time and cost of the construction operation.”


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