Iran-Made Device Adjusts Time, Speed of Sports Training
8:05 - October 31, 2023

Iran-Made Device Adjusts Time, Speed of Sports Training

TEHRAN (ANA)- A wireless sound warning device which regulates time and speed of sports training courses was developed by an Iranian student at Islamic Azad University’s Orumiyeh branch.
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The device which has been designed and made by Rasoul Sharafi, a master's student in physical education at Islamic Azad University’s Orumiyeh branch and the managing director of a knowledge-based company stationed at the incubator center of the university, was unveiled in a ceremony attended by the relevant officials.

“This device is used to automate the coaching work in record sports like skating, running and cycling,” said Head of Islamic Azad University in West Azarbaijan province Mohammad Reza Valilou, addressing the ceremony.

“By entering the information of the athletes, the coach can evaluate and compare the results obtained with other athletes and, based on the results, design the best and most suitable training plan for the athlete and implement the exercises by means of the hardware of the device,” he added.

Valilou said that the device is also able to separate members based on age groups, process group and individual data, analyze on-the-track training, and simulate the training opponent.

In a relevant development last November, an Iranian inventor had also manufactured a device which can accurately measure the agility of athletes active in martial arts fields.

“I have invented a test device to measure the agility and speed of martial arts athletes by registering the pulses that are created as a result of activities on a mat or the competition ring in various sports, including wrestling, wushu, taekwondo or boxing,” Hadi Habibi, the Iranian inventor, told ANA.

He added that the device can evaluate the speed of athletes with the help of a series of receivers that are audio and video while the athlete is climbing the rope.

Habibi said that the device for measuring the agility of athletes can be used as a hardware and software and be mass-produced.




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