Iran-Made Sports Vest Monitors 3 Health Factors
23:30 - August 30, 2023

Iran-Made Sports Vest Monitors 3 Health Factors

TEHRAN (ANA)- Iranian researchers at a knowledge-based company succeeded in making a special sports vest with the capability to monitor health factors.
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“These days, many movement and neurological disorders can be controlled and treated by non-invasive equipment," Mehran Mehraban, the director of research and development department of a knowledge-based company and a medical engineering student at Amirkabir University of Technology, told ANA, adding, "There are various Iran-made and foreign products in the market,but, our produced sports vest which uses nerve and muscle stimulation and neuromodulation technology, can be utilized for purposes like weight loss, muscle strengthening, fitness, rehabilitation, and several types of neurological and movement problems."

“Fast and low-cost service, good quality, reasonable price, medically approved technology, portability and wireless device are the main advantages of the product,” Mehraban.

He also noted that in new versions, the sports vests will be equipped with fat, muscle and health monitoring technology.

Earlier this year, an Iranian student of medical engineering at Islamic Azad University’s Ardabil branch had also invented a smart vein finder with the capability of measuring blood oxygen and heart rate, which can be used for finding veins in different injections.

“This home-made smart vein finder is used to find veins for various types of injections in medical centers where injections are carried out, and it is also applicable for centers like nursing homes,” Erfan Ganji told ANA.

He noted that the smart vein finder has greatly reduced the risks of all types of injections and is considered as one of the most widely-used medical equipment in this area, saying that the invention has been designed with a smart system and up-to-date capabilities and enjoys new possibilities to display the hidden veins of the body.

The device has been developed for all age groups and can improve the quality level of providing easier medical services, Ganji said.



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