Iranian Company Locally Produce Video Assistant Referee (VAR) System
15:00 - September 09, 2023

Iranian Company Locally Produce Video Assistant Referee (VAR) System

TEHRAN (ANA)- An Iranian company has domestically produced Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system for use in volleyball and basketball competitions, while the system for the football matches is in the test phase.
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Saeed Mohammadi, managing director of the VAR system said that the system is used to review images in various sports competitions to assist the referees to correct their wrong decisions.

“Our company is one of the four manufacturers of this system in the world and has no rival in the Asian continent. Apart from us, Genius Sport and Hawk-Eye from UK and TDS from Poland are among the manufacturers of this type of VAR systems. It is noteworthy that these companies do not sell to Iran under the sanctions, and we have practically made the country self-sufficient in this area with local production of this product” the researcher said, according to a report by Iran’s Vice Presidency For Science and Technology and Knowledge-Based Economy.

The researcher further said that the locally producing the VAR system has saved the country a lot by meeting domestic needs without the need for imports.

“The total cost of its production is almost half that of European-made systems,” he noted.

Mohammadi further said that they have used German-made cameras in producing the system as the foreign-made companies do so it comes out with the same quality.

He said that they have begun exporting their system to other countries, saying, “Our team will go to Bahrain to install the VAR system at the end of the week, and apart from Bahrain, we are negotiating with other customers from other countries to export this product.”

The researcher also said that their system was also used during the Asian Volleyball Championships held in Iran’s Urmia recently, adding, “Despite the fact that the main activity of this system has been in volleyball in the past years, it has also been tested in football.”


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