Iranian Scientists Produce Fertilizer from Coal Tailings
8:05 - June 20, 2023

Iranian Scientists Produce Fertilizer from Coal Tailings

TEHRAN (ANA)- Iranian researchers at a knowledge-based company succeeded in production of raw materials for making agricultural fertilizer by using coal refuse which was disposed in the past.
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“We succeeded in producing humic (acid) fertilizer compounds from the tailings of coal mines,” Omid Nikousefat, the managing director of the knowledge-based company, told ANA.

“These wastes, which used to be considered as disposable materials, have now created employment by collecting them,” he added.

Noting that the product is the raw material for making agricultural fertilizer used in farms, gardens and greenhouses, Nikousefat said, “In some deprived areas that have an agricultural sector, organic humic (acid) fertilizer can be used, and currently we have established a factory for making this product in a deprived area called Khorameh in Fars province (in Southern Iran)."

Earlier this year, an Iranian knowledge -based company had also produced biological fertilizers to increase the volume of crops harvested in the country.

The knowledge-based companies operating in the field of producing agricultural inputs such as seeds, seedlings, fertilizers, poisons and drugs in the country have been able to boost agriculture and horticulture by developing new agricultural technologies and producing micronutrient fertilizers and bio-toxins.

Biologicial fertilizers and the nutrients produced by the Iranian companies have already replaced almost half of the phosphate chemical fertilizers such as nitrogen and urea in the farms.

Moreover, biological potassium has already replaced at least half of potash chemical fertilizer and sulfur biofertilizer, along with sulfur fertilizers, are the best regulators of soil alkalinity.




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