Iranian Knowledge-Based Firm Makes Anti-Chlorine Product for Aquarium
12:40 - December 25, 2022

Iranian Knowledge-Based Firm Makes Anti-Chlorine Product for Aquarium

TEHRAN (ANA)- A knowledge-based company in Iran succeeded in production of a special solution which can eliminate chlorine and fungi in the aquarium environment.
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“The new drugs produced by the company are products with anti-algae, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-prosthetic and chlorine-eliminating properties in aquarium environments,” Arman Ghorbanzadeh, the managing-director of the knowledge-based Rahpouyan Abzi Zist Fanavar company, told ANA.

He noted that the products have a great effect in the treatment of various diseases of aquarium fish and can be used as disease prevention for all freshwater ornamental fish.

Progress over the past years has revealed much strength of the ornamental fish as an alternative model for the environmental sideline in the aquaculture both in fresh water and marine waters. These include low rearing costs, an earlier life stage.

Aquarium fish are one of the largest groups of pets in the world. There is an increasing demand for the veterinary services that are related to the ornamental fish. Early clinical signs in many infectious and noninfectious diseases of fish are manifested by the skin.




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