Iran-Venezuela Launch Joint Innovation Center
13:00 - June 27, 2024

Iran-Venezuela Launch Joint Innovation Center

TEHRAN (ANA)- The Iran-Venezuela joint innovation center has been inaugurated in line with promotion of the market of the Iranian technological achievements in Latin America, an official said.
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“One of the important steps taken to develop technological diplomacy in the 13th government was the establishment of centers for the supply of Iran's technological capabilities in the neighboring, friendly and allied countries, and therefore, during the (late) president's visit to Venezuela last year, the two governments signed an agreement to establish a joint innovation and technology center between Iran and Venezuela in Caracas,” said Amir Hossein Mirabadi, the head of the International Scientific and Technological Cooperation Development Organization of the Iranian Vice-Presidency for Science, Technology and Knowledge-Based Economy.

“This center operates similar to the model and structure of Iran's innovation and technology houses, and will be a platform for the supply of Iran's knowledge-based, technological and creative capabilities,” he added.

Noting that the center is named as ‘Iran-Venezuela Joint Innovation and Technology Center’, Mirabadi said, “Among the actions that are going to be carried out in the framework of this center are the establishment of a permanent exhibition of knowledge-based products and advanced technologies in Venezuela, the establishment of an Iranian knowledge-based company that will take on projects in Venezuela, holding joint training courses by Iranian experts for Venezuelan experts and having assembly and production workshops in this location.”

Mirabadi had also in March said that Iran was trying to become Venezuela's partner in the field of science and technology, particularly in the telecommunications area.

The managers of the top telecommunications companies in Venezuela who recently traveled to Iran in order to review the stages of the contract signed with one of the Iranian technology companies, met with Mirabadi.

While addressing the meeting, Mirabadi said that Iran's efforts in this cooperation are aimed at strengthening Venezuela's technological might, adding, “We want to be a strong partner for Venezuela in technological fields, and we hope that this relationship and contract will lay the ground for the presence of a group of knowledge-based and technological companies in Venezuela.”

Luis Marcano, the Vice Minister of Planning of Science and Technology of Venezuela expressed satisfaction with the visits he has had to Iran's technological infrastructure during the trip, and pointed to Iran's high capabilities in the field of technology, voicing hope that Venezuela's telecommunications can also be modernized and equipped using the capabilities offered by the Iranian companies.

He also stated that the purpose of the trip, which took place in companionship with a group of experts and senior managers of Venezuela's telecommunication, was to plan for the development of Venezuela's infrastructure in line with the 2030 plan for the modernization of the country's telecommunications.


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