Iranian Knowledge-Based Company Produces Computer Power Supply Unit (PSU) with 7-Year Warranty

Iranian Knowledge-Based Company Produces Computer Power Supply Unit (PSU) with 7-Year Warranty

TEHRAN (ANA)- A group of engineers at a knowledge-based company in Iran have launched production of computer parts and equipment such as power supply unit (PSU) which are offered to the market with seven years of warranty.
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“Case, power, mouse, keyboard, all-in-one personal computers (AIO PC) or desktop computers and motherboard are some the products of this company,” Kavan Morovati, one of the technicians in the knowledge-based company that manufactures computer parts in Iran said in an interview with local Iranian media.

Saying that their products have been produced in three categories of office, gaming and economical, the company’s technician added, “The motherboard produced in this company was designed after studying weaknesses of the existing products in the market. Among its disadvantages, we can mention the number of its MOSFETs. The MOSFET supplies power to the CPU and the higher their number, the higher the CPU output.”

Morovati described H510 mk, H610 mk, B560 md and B620 md among the models of motherboards produced in their company and pointed out, “These motherboards support 10th to 14th generation for users. The company's H510 mk model, which is lowest model of produced motherboards, has obtained the first ranking of the benchmark and is higher than Asus.”

Emphasizing that the motherboards produced by their company have been commercialized in the country, he said, "The warranty of our products is a replacement. Also in case that any part or any of our products that has reached the customers and has a problem is 24 months to 7 years will be replaced with no excuse."

“For example, with respect to displays, less than 5 burned pixels will not be replaced, but even with one burnt pixel in our displays, the replacement will be done,” Morovati added.

“The power supplies units (PSU) produced by this company are made in a way that if the system encounters a problem in terms of hardware or software in overload mode, it will detect the system temperature and turns off the system according to the system temperature and power operation until the system temperature increase does not occur,” he said, adding, “This feature does not exist in other power supplies units and causes the power to burn.”

He also pointed out that their company’s PSU are offered with 3 to 7-year warranty.

According to him, their PSUs have met the 80 Plus standard for energy efficiency.


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