Iranian Knowledge-Based Firm Supplies Power Plants with Home-Made Heating Equipment
17:00 - December 08, 2023

Iranian Knowledge-Based Firm Supplies Power Plants with Home-Made Heating Equipment

TEHRAN (ANA)- Iranian researchers at a knowledge-based company designed and made heating equipment (steam boilers or hot water boilers) to meet the needs of power plants and other industries.
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“Our company produces heating equipment (steam boilers and hot water boilers), converters, recuperators and power plant equipment, oil and gas systems and strategic systems for steel industries and downstream industries like construction industries, hospitals, etc.,” said Morteza Hosseinzadeh, the head of research and development (R&D) department of the knowledge-based company.

“The products of our company are designed for domestic needs and exports to the CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc.) and neighboring states like Iraq and Afghanistan,” he added.

“For the first time, we introduced the condensing boiler as a knowledge-based product that enjoyed high efficiency eight years ago,” Hosseinzadeh said, adding that the efficiency of normal boilers is 84% to 85% while the condensing boiler has an efficiency of 96% to 98%.

“Another product is a hot water boiler, which increases the efficiency of ordinary boilers with special pipes, and the weight of the boiler has been reduced,” he explained.

In a relevant development in September, another group of Iranian researchers at a knowledge-based company had acquired the technical know-how for producing the main part of steam boilers which improves efficiency up to 95% and reduces corrosion.

 “The steam boilers of our company have been used in places like hospitals, offices and organizations,” said Mohammadreza Tehranchi, the manager of market development and exports of an Iranian industrial and production unit.

“Factories need steam for their production cycle or heating, and boilers supply the steam required by industries through combustion and heating water,” he added.

Tehranchi added that the boilers produced in his company increase output efficiency up to 80 percent, and this amount reaches 95 percent in hot water condensing boilers.

“This part is considered as one of the most important parts of boilers because it improves the output efficiency of the device up to 95 percent. The material used in these burners is aluminum-silicon-magnesium which decreases corrosion,” he added.






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