Iranian Specialists Develop Home-Made Laser Device for Dentists
8:05 - November 13, 2023

Iranian Specialists Develop Home-Made Laser Device for Dentists

TEHRAN (ANA)- Iranian experts at a knowledge-based company managed to indigenize a laser device special for dentistry.
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“Our company has recently designed and produced a dental laser device which has 3 different wavelengths, including 808 nm, 975 nm and 1,064 nm,” Maryam Raad, a medical equipment expert at the knowledge-based Pars Parto Emertat company, told ANA on the sidelines of the 14th International Nanotechnology Exhibition in Tehran.

She noted that the device can start with the powers of milliwatt and increase to 13 watts, adding, “It is also equipped with the third wavelength of 1,064.”

“This product is used for cosmetic, surgical and therapeutic purposes in dentistry, for instance, for cutting soft tissue for the gums, for implant placement, disinfection of the nerve canal, gum lift for beauty purposes and to remove mouth sores,” Raad said.

The 14th International Nano Exhibition kicked off in Tehran on November 4 and ended on November 7 in the presence of companies active in the nanotechnology field.

As the biggest nano event in Iran, the 4-day exhibition was an opportunity to get to know about the latest achievements and developments in the field of nanotechnology.

Dozens of nanotechnological companies were present at this year's nano exhibition in various fields like oil and energy, health and health, water and environment, agriculture and packaging, automobile, paint and coating, construction, textiles, and advanced materials, and they are displaying their achievements.

The exhibition provided a suitable opportunity for technological cooperation between startups and activists of the country's innovation ecosystem in the way of commercialization of products.




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