Antibacterial Polycarbonate Masterbatch Manufactured by Iranian Nanotechnology Firm
10:00 - August 08, 2023

Antibacterial Polycarbonate Masterbatch Manufactured by Iranian Nanotechnology Firm

TEHRAN (ANA)- Researchers at an Iranian nanotechnology company managed to produce polycarbonate masterbatch with antibacterial properties.
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‘Taban Andish Berjis’ company made the product which is an oxide nanoparticle-containing polycarbonate masterbatch with excellent structural rigidity, appropriate level of transparency, and antibacterial activity.

The incorporation of nanoparticles into the polymer matrix has led to emergence of the antibacterial activity.

The polycarbonate masterbatch can be used in making security devices, medical equipment, electronic components, construction materials, data storage devices, automotive industry, aircraft industry and railway industry.

In a relevant development earlier this year, an Iranian knowledge-based firm had introduced new packaging method for foodstuffs which is safe and environmentally friendly and keeps the food item fresh for longer time by using a special masterbatch.

The managing director of an Iranian knowledge-based company, Foad Mashayekhi, said that he and research teammates have designed and introduced oxygen-reducing masterbatches (OBMB) to achieve food packaging methods with safety features and longer storage time.

“This product is specially designed to reduce gas passage and absorb oxygen trapped in the package, which reduces the volume of oxygen passing through the packages. This masterbatch added to the main polymer during the production process, and it can be produced based on different polymers according to the customer's demand,” he said.

“Reducing gas infiltration, being anti-UV and antibacterial, increasing inhibitory properties, preventing color change in the product and oxidation, improving mechanical properties and resistance against heat, increasing the shelf life of the product, and maintaining the quality of food containing lipids are among the properties of these polymers,” according to the researcher.

Mashayekhi said that his company's product is plastic raw materials and his customers are a variety of industries such as household items, auto industries, water and gas transmission pipelines that require large steel pipes with plastic coating.


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