Knowledge-Based Firm in Iran Produces Water Detection Sensor for Oil, Gas Industry

Knowledge-Based Firm in Iran Produces Water Detection Sensor for Oil, Gas Industry

TEHRAN (ANA)- Researchers at an Iranian knowledge-based company managed to make a special sensor to detect water in oil and gas.
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“This sensor was designed and produced with the aim of detecting water in hydrocarbons and is ready to be presented to the relevant industries like the National Iranian Oil Refining & Distribution Company (NIORDC), petrochemical companies across the country, companies that produce various types of hydraulic engine oil, oil for transformers of power plants, nuclear power plants and refineries,” Amir Reza Moussavi, a representative of the knowledge-based company, told ANA.

“The product is highly useful in quick and accurate detection of water in the oil, gas, petrochemical and related industries,” he added.

Moussavi added that hydrocarbons, which exist in oil, gasoline, hydrocarbon solvents, car engine oils, electric transformer oil, etc., should not contain water since the presence of water endangers and disrupts the operation of related processes.

In a relevant development in May, an Iranian research-industrial company had produced a device for measuring the performance of membrane that has application in the separation of gases in oil and gas pharmaceutical industries.

One of the research-industrial companies has succeeded in introducing membrane performance measurement device known as the MGSPS to the market.

The device can play an important role in the field of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology has enabled the device to enjoy the ability of measuring membrane performance.  

"Detection of large holes and cracks in the structure of the microporous membrane", "Possibility of performing membrane separation at different temperatures and pressures", "Possibility of membrane separation and Permporometry" and "Measuring the distribution of holes on the membrane surface" are among the capabilities of the device, the report added.

Today, the membrane industry is one of the growing and new industries in the field of gas separation in various sectors of the oil, petrochemical and gas industries. Therefore, development of methods to measure the produced membranes can be of great importance. These devices should be compatible with all types of gas analysis devices such as gas chromatography.





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