Iran's University Researchers Make Cartilage by Directing Differentiation of Stem Cells

Iran's University Researchers Make Cartilage by Directing Differentiation of Stem Cells

TEHRAN (ANA)- Researchers of Islamic Azad University in cooperation with a number of research institutes in Iran guided mesenchymal stem cells in the direction of differentiation into chondrocytes by designing a nanofibrous substrate.
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In a research with the aim of designing a suitable substrate for the differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells into chondrocytes, Leila Miri, Shiva Irani, Mohammad Pezeshki Modarres, Hamed Da’emi and Seyed Mohammad Atyabi from Islamic Azad University, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Royan Research Institute and Pasteur Institute of Iran differentiated mesenchymal stem cells by using a nanofiber substrate made of polycaprolactone whose surface was modified and had sulfated alginate with a high negative charge.

Laboratory methods confirmed the correctness of the constructed substrate and its compatibility with stem cell culture.The results of this research, published in the international journal Research Square, showed that the mesenchymal stem cells cultured on the aforementioned substrate differentiated into chondrocytes;the laboratory methods, including immunostaining of cells and gene expression studies confirmed this differentiation.

The results of the research showed that the nanofiber substrate made of polycaprolactone, whose surface is modified and has sulfated alginate with a high negative charge, is not only a suitable substrate for the attachment and growth of cells, but also causes the differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells in the direction of chondrocytes.

In a relevant development earlier this year, the researchers of a knowledge-based company in Iran had also succeeded in making allograft products at a much lower price than similar foreign samples that are used for organ transplantation.

“Our company has succeeded in producing allograft products. The company makes hard and soft tissues, and we can mention bone tissue, bone powder, granules, etc. in the field of hard tissue products. Also other products include tendons used for ACL-PCL operations and tendon replacement,” Samanipour, the head of the research and development (R&D) section of the knowledge-based Iranian Faravardeh Baft company stationed at Pardis Science and Technology Park, told ANA.

“We also have the heart valve in the field of soft tissue products which includes the aortic valve and the pulmonary valve, and is used to replace the patient’s damaged heart valves,” he said, adding that cartilage tissue is another product of the company that is used in septum and cosmetic procedures.

“In addition to these products, we have other soft tissues that are used in dental surgeries, etc.,” Samanipour said.

“Another product of our company is called frozen bone which is used for people suffering from bone diseases like bone cancer, osteosarcoma, etc. In these patients, the surgeon is forced to amputate a limb due to the disease, but the surgeon can place the frozen bones in that area and prevent the amputation of the patient’s limb by transplanting the tissue,” he noted.




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