Mongolia Receives over 130,000 Foreign Tourists in Q1
10:00 - April 06, 2023

Mongolia Receives over 130,000 Foreign Tourists in Q1

TEHRAN (ANA)- Mongolia has received more than 130,000 foreign tourists in the first quarter of this year, the country's Ministry of Environment and Tourism.
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The Mongolian government has been taking measures to revive the pandemic-hit tourism sector, urging the public to contribute to a more tourist-friendly country.

In January, 34 countries were granted visa-free entry to Mongolia for tourism purposes, increasing the number of visa-exempt countries to 61. Nationals from those countries can remain in Mongolia for up to 30 days until the end of 2025.

The country has also classified 2023-2025 as "Years to Visit Mongolia" and is expected to organize more than 90 events in 2023 to promote tourism.

Currently, Mongolia's economy is mainly dependent on its export-oriented mining sector. Developing tourism is seen as the most viable way to diversify its economy.

Mongolia has set a goal of welcoming at least 1 million foreign tourists and earning 1 billion US dollars from tourism in the coming years.

The country received 290,400 foreign tourists in 2022, earning 350 million dollars from the tourism sector.



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