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Advanced Spectroscopy Captures Molecular Dynamics in Real-Time

TEHRAN (ANA)- A team of researchers from ICFO developed a tool based on attosecond core-level spectroscopy to study molecular dynamics in real-time, focusing on gas-phase furan and they successfully tracked its ring-opening dynamics, and conical intersections, and observed quantum superpositions and dark states.

New Milestone in Spintronics Could Revolutionize Electronics

TEHRAN (ANA)- Recent research has shed light on how spin currents can be predicted and manipulated based on the magnetic properties of materials, revealing the importance of understanding magnetic behaviors and temperature variations for advancing spintronics.

Scientists Achieve World's Largest Ion Trap Quantum Simulation

TEHRAN (ANA)- A team of scientists has accomplished the world's largest ion trap quantum simulation with a precision of single-qubit resolution, marking a significant leap forward in the pursuit for large-scale quantum computing capabilities.

Scientists Shed Light on Perplexing High-Temperature Superconductors

TEHRAN (ANA)- A recent study by the Flatiron Institute has advanced the understanding of high-temperature superconductivity in ‘cuprates’ using an enhanced Hubbard model, paving the way for potential technological breakthroughs and demonstrating the efficacy of classical computation in quantum research.
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