Iranian Factory Produces Low-E Glasses to Manage Better Energy Consumption in Buildings 
10:00 - June 15, 2024

Iranian Factory Produces Low-E Glasses to Manage Better Energy Consumption in Buildings 

TEHRAN (ANA)- A glass factory in Iran has produced low-emissivity glasses with the capability to filter infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths to allow for better energy management inside the building.
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Kaveh Glass Industrial Group is the Iranian company that produces low-emissivity glasses.

Covered with a thin layer of metal and metal oxide and using nanotechnology, a reduction in the passing of ultraviolet rays and infrared rays takes place, which causes a significant reduction in heat loss in cold and hot temperatures while maintaining light.

"When we started the plan, we were decided to win domestic markets. With the further development of products, we reached a point where we had to use nanotechnology for further product development. Kaveh Glass Industrial Group started to concentrate on nanotechnology around 10 years ago and now this technology has been indigenized in a way that the experts in the group are developing new products," Jamshid Rahimi, one of the directors of the company said.

"Currently, glasses in blue, green, bronze, pink and different spectral colors are produced in this group using nanotechnology. Also, the production of special glasses to prevent energy loss with the layering method is one of the other achievements of this collection," he added

The company's low-e glasses are designed in such a way that part of the infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths of the sun do not pass through, and as a result, the interior side of the building experiences a lower temperature increase during hot summer days. These glasses are used in double-glazed building windows, the light easily enters the building, but the heat remains outside the window.

Low-emissivity glasses help to save energy by controlling the amount of radiation. These glasses can reduce energy consumption by controlling radiation in summer and winter.

The applications of these low-e lasses are not limited to building windows. They are also used in commercial refrigerators and furnaces as this technology can help to reduce energy consumption. for instance, the heat produced inside the furnace and is very valuable, remains inside the furnace with the help of low-e glass. 


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