Scientists Fabricate Wearable Batteries for Charging Cellphone

Scientists Fabricate Wearable Batteries for Charging Cellphone

TEHRAN (ANA)- A team of scientists from Fudan University has developed a soft and breathable piece of clothing that can not only store energy but also power personal electronic devices such as smartphones and watches.
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Replacing conventional liquid electrolytes with polymer gel electrolytes is a highly effective strategy for enhancing the flexibility of wearable batteries, the journal Nature reported.

However, the inadequate wetting at the interface between the polymer gel electrolyte and the electrode degrades the electrochemical performance, particularly when the battery undergoes deformation.

The researchers from Fudan University have crafted channel structures within electrode designs, an innovative approach that creates intimate and stable interfaces, thereby enhancing the performance and reliability of wearable batteries.

They have drawn inspiration from the natural phenomenon where ivy and plant vines are tightly entwined to form multiple electrode fibers rotated together to form aligned channels. The surface of each electrode fiber was designed with networked channels.

The monomer solution was then infiltrated along the aligned channels and then into the networked channels to form a gel electrolyte.

The team managed to fabricate fiber lithium-ion batteries with lengths of several kilometers and a high energy density that can effectively provide power for electrical devices like drones.

They have established a pilot production line and achieved a production capacity of 300 watt-hours per hour, which is equivalent to the battery produced per hour capable of charging 20 mobile phones simultaneously, said Peng Huisheng, the paper's corresponding author.

This fiber battery shows promise for applications in firefighting, disaster relief, polar expeditions, and aerospace, added Peng.



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