Iranian Technologists Able to Indigenize Industrial Devices Using Ultrasonic Technology

Iranian Technologists Able to Indigenize Industrial Devices Using Ultrasonic Technology

TEHRAN (ANA)- Researchers and technologists in Iran have managed to domestically produce industrial machines using ultrasonic technology, according to the managing director of an Iranian knowledge-based firm.
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The 10th International Conference on Acoustics and Vibration was held by Iranian Society of Acoustics and Vibration at Shahid Sattari University in Tehran on May 16, 2024.

Addressing the conference, Hossein Nejat, the managing director of a domestic knowledge-based company, first gave an explanation about the nature and activities of his company, saying, “The ultrasonic laboratory of this company launched its operation as its main department in 2019 with focusing its activities on ultrasonic technology.”

“Ultrasonic technology is widely used in areas such as ultrasonography, welding devices and the sound sector of different industries.”

He pointed to one of the achievements of this knowledge-based company, the ultrasonic liquid flow meter, explaining, “This device is used in the oil, water and wastewater treatment industry and refineries.”

This industrial technologist furthur pointed to other achievements of this company and said that flare gas devices and ultrasonic level devices(ultrasonic sensors), wastewater flow measuring devices, and non-destructive testing devices (in the field of industrial parts inspection) that have already been commercialized in the water and wastewater industry.

“The prices of all these devices is about one-third of their foreign counterparts,” added the managing director of the knowledge-based firm.

Nejat pointed to the other capabilities of the company in indigenizing other devices in the field of ultrasonic technology and said, "Acoustic cameras to locate sound sources, frequency and type of military UAVs are among the devices domestically produced in this company.”

Domestic experts in the company have the capability to utilize most modern technology to produce devices in acoustic and ultrasonic fields, he concluded.


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