Iranian Experts Use Virtual Reality to Increase Effectiveness of Rehabilitation Treatments
17:00 - February 23, 2024

Iranian Experts Use Virtual Reality to Increase Effectiveness of Rehabilitation Treatments

TEHRAN (ANA)- An Iranian technologist announced designing and development of rehabilitation software with the ability to use virtual reality cameras.
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“The software has been designed for application in the field of physical and mental rehabilitation and is used to increase attention, strengthen memory, boost hand-eye coordination, perceptual-motor skills or physical rehabilitation like walking,” Mohammad Reza Oshaqi told ANA.

He noted that one of the important features of the software is the possibility of continuous monitoring of the treatment process and reporting at the end of each use of the software, adding it is possible to determine how the person's progress has been.

“Individual-oriented nature is another feature of this software; for instance, for a normal student who may only have attention deficit or another student who has a learning disorder, the software smartly considers appropriate cognitive exercises to improve that function,” Oshaqi said.

“This technology can also be used in children with autism in mild spectrums, and it is also used in the treatment of attention deficit disorder or hyperactivity in adults, in elderly people to preserve the cognitive capacities of the brain, and also in stroke patients to rehabilitate cognitive function,” he added.

In a relevant development in January 2023, Iranian researchers at a technological company used AR and BR technologies for performing surgical training, paving the way for medical students to carry out four types of virtual surgery in a virtual operating room.

Heidar Parmaah, the executive director of the technological company, elaborated on making products in the field of medical and health education by using virtual reality and augmented reality technology as one of the technological achievements of the company, and said, “We produced a series of educational and treatment products to provide medical and therapeutic training procedures (methods) to students.”

According to him, this environment is a simulated 3D virtual environment close to reality, and the students can perform any types of surgery designed in this virtual environment.

“This system has been defined for surgical procedures, including spinal fluid (LP), abdominal fluid extraction, spinal anesthesia and EP laparoscopic surgery or ectopic pregnancy,” Parmaah said.

Virtual reality (often abbreviated as VR) is an incredible technology that serves a variety of purposes — from gaming to education to workforce training. Using a headset worn on your head and a pair of controllers held in each hand, a user is able to be immersed in a 3D environment and interact with that world.

VR surgical training gives students a hands-on, immersive experience to develop their skill sets in the operating room on complex cases, without assuming any risk of causing injury to their patients.


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