Iranian Knowledge-Based Company Designs, Builds Nano Houses
8:05 - November 19, 2023

Iranian Knowledge-Based Company Designs, Builds Nano Houses

TEHRAN (ANA)- An Iranian knowledge-based company builds nano houses to contribute to the government plan to build millions of houses as part of the National Housing Movement plan.
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The new Mahdasht town is a new project of the National Housing Movement plan, part of houses of which is built based on a contract that a knowledge-based company has signed with the contractors there.

The nano houses by the Alborze Province-based knowledge-based firm are prefabricated houses based on concrete reinforced with nanotechnology, and according to the officials, the structures are earthquake proof.

The resistance of the nano houses has gained the approval of the Road, Housing & Urban Development Research Center.

Using nanotechnology and nanomaterials, the company has produced houses with high level of safety, low maintenance costs, and resistant to earthquakes and moisture.

The nano houses in Mahdasht town are built based on a tripartite contract among Iran Nanotechnology Innovation Council (INIC), the Alborz Province’s Housing and Urban Development Administration and the knowledge-based company.

Ali Zebardasti, an official with the INIC said about the nano houses in an interview with local Iranian media that “These kinds of houses, which are made of nano concrete, are produced by knowledge-based companies.”

Stating that this company has been doing research and development work on this product for several years, he added, “This product has been approved by the Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center.”

“With the cooperation of the Alborz Province General Road and Urban Development Adminstrtion, these prefabricated houses will be industrialized and their mass production will begin as part pf the National Building Movement plan,” Zebardasti went on to say.

“Since the concrete used in it is reinforced, it is highly resistant and its resistance against magnitude 8 earthquakes has been approved of by the Center,” the official added.

So far, about 40 products based on nanotechnology for building a nano house have been produced by companies operating in the nano field, and experts argue that with nano materials, afull nano house can be built within a month.

The structure of a two-story building measured about 200 square meters can be erected in 2 days using the pre-cast nano parts, the report added.

This structure includes a part of the floor, roof and walls produced from reinforced concrete, which are created by placing the blocks next to each other at the horizontal level or by placing the blocks on top of each other using bolt and nut joints, creating one or two-story buildings. In this system, arrangements have been made for the passage of electrical pipes and construction facilities, which do not require any destruction or modification during implementation. In this building method, different types of spaces needed in the design and construction of buildings will be built.


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