Smart Lighting Control System with Capability to Optimize Energy Consumption
17:00 - November 04, 2023

Smart Lighting Control System with Capability to Optimize Energy Consumption

TEHRAN (ANA)- A group of researchers at a technological company in Qazvin in the Northern part of Iran have successfully developed a smart system to control street and highway lights.
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“This company has been operating since 2008, with the aim of supporting domestic production and preserving national resources with domestic expertise, capabilities and knowledge,” Sassan Attar, managing director of the technology company located in the Growth Center of Islamic Azad University- Qazvin branch said in an interview with Iranian media.

The company director added that their products are aimed at saving energy.

He described the use of knowledge, technology and the latest electronic components in the industry, optimizing and increasing the efficiency of the systems used, producing high quality products, creating employment, as well as satisfying and respecting the rights of customers, among the main goals of this company.

Attar pointed to smart lighting control system and lighting boards as the products of their company, adding, “For example, you need a central server to make your home lighting smart, which is an expensive system. But in this company, we produced and designed lights that are connected without wiring and through waves, and can be managed in two modes: decrease or increase the brightness of lights and change their color.”

“For example, you are next to light number 1 and you want to increase or decrease the light of light number 1,001 or change the color of its light. This happens in a matter of a second with the help of an application that is available to you.”

“These days when we are grappling with energy shortages and electricity problems, instead of turning off all the lights of a highway or street, we reduce their energy consumption intensity, this way not only the lighting needed by the highways is supplied but also the energy consumption rate is reduced,” said the researcher. 

He highlighted informing about the lights that are not working and measuring the lifespan of lights in different time frames as other features of their smart product, explaining “Another feature of this smart system is online and offline time management for lights; This feature allows smart lights to be set at what time to turn on and at what time to turn off.”

Stressing that their smart lighting system has not domestic and foreign equivalents, Attar said, “In the other systems in the world, Dolly system is used, which requires a central server and wiring, and finally, the light intensity can be reduced or increased. But our product does not impose any cost on the user other than the cost of smart lights, which is less than the cost of normal street lights.”  

“The platform that we provided in the form of this smart system has the capability to implement and install various sensors such as temperature, humidity, air pollution, light, motion or any other sensor, and data transfer will be done from the same platform as the lamps, and the only cost of sensor installation is added to it,” he added.

“The operation of the sensors of these types of lights is personalized through the application and is fully programmable,” Attar further noted.

“The exclusive operation of the lights is completely available by scanning the QR code on them so that the management of that light is exclusively available to the user,” the company's managing director went on to say. 


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