Indigenization of Industrial Self-Driving Robot with Machine Learning Capability in Iran
13:00 - October 21, 2023

Indigenization of Industrial Self-Driving Robot with Machine Learning Capability in Iran

TEHRAN (ANA)- Iranian researchers at a technological company succeeded in manufacturing an industrial self-driving robot with machine learning capabilities.
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“In this exhibition, we unveiled an industrial self-driving device. This machine is used to carry cargo and it can track the line in a way that you can give the machine the desired address to pick up the cargo and carry it to the destination,” Saeed Qaffarzadeh, the manager of the technological company from East Azerbaijan province’s Islamic Azad University, told ANA on the sidelines of Asr-e Omid event and exhibition in Karaj.

“The smart device also enjoys the capability of machine learning with artificial intelligence which means it can learn the routes and based on the user's needs, identify the desired route with the least traffic and time and move towards it,” he added.

Qaffarzadeh explained that the price of the robot is much lower than the similar foreign models given its capabilities, adding, “We have presented the device at about 60% of the price in the international market.”

The fourth edition of the national Asr-e Omid (age of hope) event in the specialized field of artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT) was held at Islamic Azad University’s Karaj branch near Tehran on October 14-17.

Earlier in June, a knowledge-based company in Iran had also made an advanced and practical product in the postal industry which smartly carries postal packages based on size, weight, barcode, and reading destination information.

“The robot enjoys the capability to lift a shelf weighing 300 kilograms and deliver the package to the desired location by routing. By reading the corresponding barcode registered on the shipment, the device transfers it to the desired gate,” Mehdi Rasekh, the managing director of the knowledge-based ‘Ideh Pardazan Nazer Avval Keifiat’ company, told ANA.

He noted that all parts of the robot have been manufactured indigenously.




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