Iran's Knowledge-Based Companies Grew by 90% Last Year

Iran's Knowledge-Based Companies Grew by 90% Last Year

TEHRAN (ANA)- In line with the senior Iranian officials' instance on the support for the growth and development of knowledge-based companies, the total number of such companies in the country has reached 8,368 indicating 90 percent increase.
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According to a report by Iran's Vice Presidency for Science and Technology, “As many as 8,368 knowledge-based companies have been founded in the country so far, out of which 5,445 are manufacturing knowledge-based companies and 2,923 are newly-established knowledge-based firms (start-ups).”

Knowledge-based companies with their activities in various fields are classified into two groups of production (manufacturing) and newly-founded or start-up knowledge-based companies.

The report added that knowledge-based companies that earned revenues from their activities in their last declaration are recognized as productive, provided that they operate in the field of advanced technologies.

According to the vice-presidency, based on the type of their activity, complexity of their activity and technological importance, newly established (start-ups) and productive knowledge-based firms are divided into three different sub-groups.

Also, knowledge-based companies that do not have a tax return or have no operating income based on their latest tax return are known as start-up knowledge-based companies.

The technological areas of "biotechnology, agriculture and food industries", "advanced drugs and products for diagnosis and treatment", "advanced materials and products based on chemical technologies" and "advanced machinery and equipment" are among the main areas of activity of knowledge-based companies.

Also, the fields of " medical devices and medical equipment", "electricity and electronics, photonics, telecommunications", "information technology and computer software", "commercialization services" and "cultural, creative industries, humanities" are fields of activity of knowledge-based firms.

According to the report, the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology and Knowledge-Based Economy is responsible for the creation and formation of the knowledge-based ecosystem and the growth and development of companies active in that field so it has taken steps towards the growth of these companies in recent years.

The report also noted that with the actions taken by the vice presidency, “The country has witnessed significant growth of knowledge-based companies in various fields. According to statistics, about 750 new knowledge-based companies were created in 1400 (March 21, 2021-2022), but in 1401 (March21, 2022-2023), the number of new companies increase to 1,400, indicating about 90% surge in the number of knowledge-based companies in the country.”

This is while, finalization the law approved by the Iranian parliament to support knowledge-based companies has also been effective in achieveing that growth and development and has been a big step towards formation of the country's technology and innovation ecosystem and supply of knowledge-based products to the society.


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