New Iranian Disinfectant for Vegetables Performs 30% Better
17:30 - January 30, 2023

New Iranian Disinfectant for Vegetables Performs 30% Better

TEHRAN (ANA)- A team of Iranian researchers have produced a nanoemulsions-based disinfectant for vegetables and fruits that increases the crops shelf life by 30%.
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Farhad Jamali, managing director of an Iranian technological company, said  that their disinfectants and deodorants have been produced based on chitosan and nanoemulsions.

He said that their company’s first product is a deodorant produced from chitosan, explaining, “In the nanoemulsion used in this product, there are essential oils that do not dissolve in ethanol and dissolve on surfactants. The use of these materials makes deodorants antiperspirant.”

Emphasizing that if their deodorant is used the body sweats naturally, Jamali continued, “This product that lasts for 24 hours has been produced in two editions for both women and men separately.”

The managing director of the Iranian company added that fruit and vegetable disinfectant is their other product, explaining, “The chitosan-based product cleans fruit and vegetables and removes their infections. “

Jamali added that their disinfectants remove the poisons on shells of the crops.

“Our product increases the shelf life of crops by 20-30% in the refrigerator as compared to the rivals,” he added.

Shoe deodorizers is the third product of the company, according to Jamali, explaining that product is also produced based on chitosan. “This product has nanoemulsions and minerals and is able to stop bad smells in shoes for 24 hours.”


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